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ADHD Diagnostic Evaluations

The ADHD assessment includes a proprietary questionnaire that is supplemental to the general patient intake forms. It is not an online scoring tool, but a comprehensive investigation to evaluate the presence and severity of ADHD symptoms, as well as their effects on different aspects of your life, such as academic and professional performance, social interactions, and daily activities. Providers use your answers to carefully consider medical, psychiatric, and psychological factors that could be potentially contributing to and influencing the presentation of symptoms and to help distinguish ADHD from other conditions with similar symptoms.  Patients are also offered in-depth education on the neurophysiology of the condition and sound reasoning on whether to prioritize ADHD or any co-occurring challenges.


Conducting a comprehensive analysis is essential to ensure that we accurately diagnose and recommend the most suitable treatment and interventions. Not all patients will be candidates for stimulants based on medical and psychiatric comorbidities.

The out-of-pocket cost for new ADHD diagnostic assessment is $300.00. Your consultation is still subject to any copay or deductible outlined in your insurance coverage or the cash fee schedule for private pay patients.  The assessment qualifies for reimbursement from Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA's) and can be paid with an FSA debit card at the time of purchase. The assessment des not qualify for reimbursement from your insurance. All fees are due at time of appointment check-in.

For patients who have already undergone a neuropsychological assessment and/or have documentation of prior diagnosis and treatment of ADHD with stimulants for at least one year, your assessment fee can be waived if you provide past medical records. Without documentation, you will need to undergo a new diagnostic evaluation.

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