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Forms, Letters, and Reports

Complimentary Services

  • Excused absence letters for school or work

  • Confirmation of care letters

  • Copies of progress notes for disability evaluations and procedure clearances

Private Pay Services

  • Work accommodation letters such as working from home, extensions on deadlines, temporary adjustment in work environment or work load

  • School accommodation letters such as extensions on exam times and/or assignment deadlines, alternate test taking environments

  • FMLA paperwork

  • Short-term disability application

  • VA Disability Nexus Letters

  • FAA Mental Health Evaluations

  • Independent Medical Opinions on fitness for procedures/surgeries and deployment


Services We Do Not Offer

  • Neuropsych functional assessments for Autism/IDD, firearms eligibility, or LTD

  • Long-term disability application completion

  • Workman's Compensation reports

  • Forensic reports for criminal, civil, or family law cases

  • Letters recommending or in support of irreversible surgeries

  • Emotional Support Animal letters

Submission of this form and preliminary correspondence with our staff does not establish a patient-provider relationship with Evolve Psychiatry. You must finish your intake, meet with your psychiatrist, and formulate a treatment plan in order to establish yourself as a patient.

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