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Pre-Assessment Questionnaire


Get in the express lane.

Our clinical team prides itself in serving complex and unique cases by ensuring we can adequately and safely meet the behavioral health needs of our patients.

Before we establish care, we ask that you complete a Pre-Assessment Questionnaire (PAQ) that will guide our administrative team to determine your level of care and start planning your care.  All your information will remain private and will be used solely for timely onboarding. The form should take approximately 10 minutes to fill out and autosaves your progress.

PAQ      instructions



Be sure to answer questions openly and honestly.  Don’t feel there are any “wrong” or “bad” answers and don’t hesitate to include all relevant details. Please reference you prior records, medications, and our practice website for more information.



If you feel uncomfortable or triggered or if you are having thoughts of self-harm or suicide and are concerned for your safety, STOP immediately.

Call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room for a crisis psychiatric evaluation.



Once you click submit, you are welcome to browse the rest of the site.  Our office will call you for to move on to Stage 2 for verification and to schedule your first visit and/or referrals. 


*Submission of this inquiry form and preliminary correspondence with our staff does not establish a patient-provider relationship with Evolve Psychiatry. You must finish your intake, meet with your psychiatrist, and formulate a treatment plan in order to establish yourself as a patient.

   On The Go

Now you can access the PAQ in all new mobile-friendly version that makes completing forms as easy as an online survey.   

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