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COMPLIMENTARY             consultation

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Do I even need to see a psychiatrist or therapist?

Not sure if you should see a psychiatrist or therapist? Is meeting a professional intimidating?  Are the wait times for an initial evaluation discouraging?  If you're nodding your head to any of these frustrating questions, then our newest service may be the solution for you.

Evolve is now offering complimentary consultations to help people understand and determine if they may benefit from behavioral health services.  Of course, no diagnoses can be provided without an official visit. However, you will have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions and hopefully find answers that redirect you to alternative and more appropriate solutions, if indicated.

Like you, we don't believe in wasting time on unnecessary assessments and treatments.  We wish to uphold our reputation of a therapeutic service offering to only patients who will truly benefit from our expertise.

If you are interested, click on the link below to call or text our Patient Success Team and simply ask for a complimentary consultation.  Our office will schedule you a fifteen minute one-on-one phone call with one of our specialists within the next week.  

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