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Case Discussion Requests

In the realm of psychiatric care, the need for case management discussions arises when comprehensive and collaborative approaches become essential for the well-being of our patients. Evolve Psychiatry recognizes the significance of involving family members, external healthcare providers, employers, and insurance and disability claims personnel and the positive impact our collaboration can have on patients.


These sessions serve as a platform for open communication, information sharing, and coordinated efforts to address the diverse needs of individuals under our care.


At Evolve, we are committed to dedicating the necessary time and resources to facilitate these conversations, fostering a collaborative and empathetic approach that aligns with our mission to provide comprehensive support to our patients on their mental health journey.

Submission of this form and preliminary correspondence with our staff does not establish a patient-provider relationship with Evolve Psychiatry. You must finish your intake, meet with your psychiatrist, and formulate a treatment plan in order to establish yourself as a patient.

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